Highest Elevator in the World

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Blind Dog Lily and Her Devoted Friend

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The longest bridge in the world

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The Right Way to Throw a Grenade

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Funniest Taylor Swift Sheep video

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Unique ship FLIP

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3 Bear Cubs Rescued From Dumpster

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Bentley’s mobile office

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Student Has Designed a Folding Boat

  Called Ar Vag, the vessel comprises rigid boards sewn into a waterproof skin so it can be unfolded quickly and stiffened by pushing two folding rods, like tent poles, into pockets in the rim.
  A wooden plank inserted through apertures in the walls holds the whole thing under tension and forms a seat.
  The project was on show at an exhibition of work from ECAL students called Too Cool for School in Milan last month.

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Amazing Sea Creature: Japanese Giant Spider Crab

  This crab can have a leg-span of almost four metres.
  A crab is an arthropod, which is an animal without a backbone, an external skeleton and jointed limbs. The front two limbs are adapted into pincers.


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